Zubritskaya Lina was born on February 15, 1988 in Odessa. She started training in 2003 to lose weight and build muscle, what gave a result and helped to lose 18 kg. In 2009 she was invited to participate in body fitness competitions, but not particularly well, third place in the region. In a year she tried in Bench Press and with a score of 60 kg at her own 52 unexpectedly became the absolute winner and performed standard Master of sports. After that, began to prepare for powerlifting. She has performed quite well, several times won the title of champion of Ukraine. In 2012 Lina became the world champion in the Bench press and got silver medal in powerlifting. In January 2013 on competition in arm wrestling seriously injured – displaced comminuted fracture of the humerus with damage to the radial nerve and as a consequence – a violation of hand function. Underwent 2 surgery osteoplasty. “Even though everyone said that the sport is over for me, I recovered in a year and set a world record – 125 kg with my own 60 kg in WPA federation.” Since then, three more times became the world champion and has established several world and European records. The best Russian athlete 2015 in the category of People’s bench in UPR (Union of Powerlifters in Russia). In 23 October 2016 WPUF’s Open World Championship became the absolute champion in bench press among women with a score of 125kg and performed the standard of Elite