Voroshilin Roman was born on December 13, 1983 in Berdyansk. His achievements can be listed for a long time: 3 times champion of Europe among juniors, 3-time bronze medalist of the European championship among men, the world junior champion, 2-time bronze medalist of the World Championship among men, multiple world record holder and European champion. One of the most outstanding awards is the silver award “Super-Cup of Titans 2016” in powerlifting with the final score 1132.5 kg (squat – 440 kg, bench press – 305 kg, dead lift – 387.5 kg). On October 23, 2016 at the World Championship WPUF for the first time he participated in Raw division of powerlifting, completed with an incredible 1 010 kg in total, which gave him the opportunity to become the first in the overall classification and perform standard of Elite