World Championship
Powerlifting, Bench Press, Deadlift

1.Goals and objectives
1.1. The tournament is held to promote powerlifting and support its development.
1.2 . During the tournament we have the following tasks:
– improving sports skills and experience of participating in competitions;
– promotion of healthy lifestyles;
– improve the quality of coaching;
– identification of the strongest athletes to form a team to participate in World Championship.
– assignment of sports titles and categories on version WPUF.
-fixinglock Ukrainian, European and World records on version WPUF.

Competition will be held on October 22-23, 2016 in Odessa. The exact address will be announced later.
The final standing order will be drawn up after receiving preliminary applications. Weighting will be conducted according to the rules for 24 hours and 2 hours before the competitions.

3. Management of competitions.
Overall management of preparation and holding of the championship is assigned with the leadership of the federation WPUF Ukraine
Chief Referee and head of the organizing committee – OliynykSergiy.

Competitions are held according to international rules WPUF.

To participate in competitions are allowed athletes from the regions and cities of Ukraine and the Crimea, as well as other countries, in a timely manner to apply for and are authorized by doctor.
Each athlete must be in shape according to the rules.

6.1. The winners are determined in the individual competition, as well as in the overall classification for men and women in the open age group.
6.2. The winner is determined in each weight and age category for the best result in total of three movements, or in the bench press and the deadlift as certain movement.
6.3. Absolute winners are determined by the Glossbrennerformula (among the winners in their weight categories). The overall winner is determined in the age group with at least 10 participants.

The winners in each weight and age categories will be awarded with medals and certificates. Winners in absolute superiority will be awarded with cups.
The organizers are not responsible for awarding attributes, not obtained during the ceremony, as well as not engaged in shipment to its owners.

8.1. Competitions are held at the expense of the federation, as well as the contributions of the members (annual and starting) which constitute:
Single fee 650 UAH for all athletes who performed at the Open Championship of Ukraine on May 14-15, 2016. (for each subsequent nomination plus 300 UAH.).
For all other athletes – a single fee of 1,000 UAH. (For each subsequent nomination plus 500 UAH.).
Doping control – 50 UAH.
8.2. Expenses of sending of the participants and trainers, by sending organizations.
8.3 Payment is made by transfer to the card “PrivatBank”4149 4978 4013 1751 Oliynyk Sergiy, orenrollment of PJSC “Bank Vostok“, c/a29249001, MFI 307123, EDRPOU 26237202, Payment purpose: replenishment of P/A №26258000948427  Oliynyk Sergiy.

Preliminary applications filed in accordance with the application, send to the email address: Whodoes not not apply before the final date will not be allowed to participate in the tournament, and in the case of admission, subject to a fine in the amount of 500 UAH.
Final printed applications aretransmitted on the Credentials Committee on the day of arrival. An athlete must have about oneself identification document with a photo and an insurance policy. Federation does not undertake any obligation with injuries, traumas and injuries, including fatal cases, during the competition.
ApplicationsareaccepteduntilOctober 1, 2016, inclusive.

Nominal application for participation in theWPUF World Championship inpowerlifting, bench press, deadlift 22-23 October 2016, Odessa.

First name, Last name Date of birth Rank Country, City Weight category Discipline Coach

Standing order is an official invitation to competition.


WPUF President – Ukraine.

Oliynyk Sergiy

11 July 2016 г.